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Actions vs. Words

"Words just aren't enough."
"Words just can't describe what I am feeling."
I am sure we have all said one of the above statements, (if not both) at some point along our grief journey. And if we have not said them out loud, we have most definitely thought something along those lines.
I was never much for spoken words, not much of a talker, especially when it came to conflict. To me, truly saying what I felt inside meant I would be disappointing whomever I was addressing. I had always kept much inside, so I am sure you can imagine what losing my daughter did for my communication skills.
Since becoming a member of the bereaved parent 'club', I sought out and received professional therapy, counseling and participated in local and online bereaved parent support groups. While these each definitely have their own beneficial components in helping a grieving heart, I found words and talk therapy were not enough for me to sustain forward movement and progress...
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