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Proved Her Name Was Perfect

Our little ‘lion of God’ rightfully earned her name. From the moment of late daughter's official diagnosis of Trisomy 13 on November 7, 2016, Ari overcame so many of the odds stacked against her. The biggest odd of them all, surviving. 

On a train to Chicago, our son Chase unknowingly captured this photo of me.  After scrolling through all of the photos taken that day I stumbled upon this one. I froze. I saw a lion.


What?!?!  Yes, I saw a lion, but most likely not what you're thinking.


See the way the light blends with the edges of my hair?  It creates a makeshift mane so on the surface, I immediately see a lion. But beyond the obvious, looking closer and going deeper... I see more.


I see the focus and clarity in my eyes, fixed on the thoughts of forward progress. A course that was intuitively set from the very beginning of my story.  I see the patience and stillness in my body, a distinct understanding that there is...

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Sharing Our Story

Almost everyone at some point in their life will experience some kind of adversity or trauma.  But for us bereaved parents our trauma is extreme given the out of natural order death. It was not a one time 'event', but rather an ongoing journey of memories never made.  We must navigate our grief journey for a lifetime with no timeline, map or end point. Now, to know this can either look like a foreseeable future of misery or a story of love and loss so great that it transforms it into a beautiful masterpiece; a story perhaps the whole world needs to hear.  Every single grief journey is unique and so very personal. Whether or not someone chooses to share their story is solely their decision. However, I highly suggest it be considered, if and when you are ready. 

My choice... I chose to share. 

From the moment of our daughter's diagnosis, I wanted her to be known.  I did not want people to forget her, to know that she was real, she existed.  She would...

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