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Why don't we just listen to ourselves?

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2021

Remember, we all need breaks from what fills our everyday to-do lists.  The things that pull our attention in every single direction, requires our focus, and drains our energy - day in and day out.


Just writing that made me feel a bit dizzy!


So, it’s real. We have to recharge.  Even shut off awhile.


Getting good at knowing your limitations on most days is essential. Your capacity is always changing just as your grief on a daily basis can change. So maybe TODAY is the day to take some time to rest for a bit.  To reset and recharge.


To flat-out take a break. 


This grief, the grief work, and the energy it takes, is no joke.  Hard work means hard rest, whether emotional, physical, or mental... GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO REST!

How can you recharge your batteries?  What does that look like for you?


Go all in and love on your family full time…

Enjoy the weather and get outside in nature…

Give yourself some space to breathe and celebrate even the slightest of #griefwins…

Enjoy some takeout instead of cooking…

This is a reminder and an open invitation for you to recharge yourself.  To disconnect from whatever you can, however you can, and for however long you can! Maybe this is just a moment to ask yourself if that’s something you need right now.

If ‘overwhelm’ has been the feeling du jour, or if you’ve been whispering to yourself in the shower, “whew, I need a break”, then I’m encouraging you to LISTEN to yourself and find a way to take one.

Yours doesn’t need to look like mine or anyone else’s.

Maybe you just need a break from your ‘usual’ and you can find a day to do things outside of the norm.

Maybe you need a day without a plan so you can fly by the seat of your pants.

Maybe you need to carve out a chunk of time to visit a dear friend. 

Or maybe you really just need a hot soak in the bath with a book and some ice-cold water (or red wine).


I know you want to show up for others in your life! But what about YOU?


In order to eventually be present, focused, and feel like you are actually living and not just surviving, you need to show up for yourself first.


That means we all must rest. 
Hydrate and recalibrate.

Shut off for a bit. 
Snuggle our partner.

Enjoy a treat.

Incorporate a little laughter.

For the sake of all that you are fighting for and all that you want your life to be, ask yourself what you need and then let yourself have it ❤❤❤


Before you go take that rest, make sure you grab my energy audit worksheet to help you see where you could really make some changes.


Whispering (in case you are now resting), that you are so worthy of a recharge! 



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