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The next better step

Someone asked me recently... "How can you just decide to choose better?"


My answer...


I had to make a real commitment to do whatever it took to get to the next better feeling. I recognized I could not go from A to Z without going step by step. A to B to C to D, etc... I could not go from the deepest sorrow and bitterness to joy in a day.


That meant taking small steps to keep choosing again, to continue to choose the next better feeling and emotion. To make an appointment to see a therapist, to reach for a different thought, to stop repeating the negative part of my loss story over and over and over again, to seek out an outlet to bring positivity into my life, to honor instead of resist whatever comes up in any given moment and steer it back to love, to recognize every opportunity is a place to grow, to align myself with high vibrations, to pray about it all and surrender when I knew I could not possibly do it on my own (I was not meant to), to make my daughter's life matter, to open my eyes to synchronicity and guidance from above.


These small day after day adjustments and decisions were my way to choosing better, step by step.


And so when you commit to choosing better, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be better instantaneously. It means that you're going to start to reach for a better feeling, thought or action with each second, creating a different and positive momentum.


What steps can you begin to take to create your better?


I encourage you to journal your steps, one by one, so one day you can look back and see IN PEN just how far you've come!


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