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The Ebb and Flow

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2020



Always referred to like ocean waves or the tide... ebbing and flowing.


Imagine if, instead of fighting and resisting these waves in struggle, leading to exhaustion, we just float along? What if we allow the waves to carry us where we are meant to be? Where then might it take us?


Aren't you just the least bit curious?


I know life is not what we pictured, what we envisioned, since the death of our child. The waves came one right after another, barreling down and bringing unwanted change. So we fought and resisted each one, making us feel as if we were drowning, leaving us exhausted.


Change can be scary, yes. But change can also bring possibility.


One thing we can control is the change in the choices we make to live our after loss life.


I offer you to see change as possibility, to choose one wave at a time and just float, go with what comes, see where it takes you.


This is something I practice and encourage my clients to do as well.


It starts with awareness... what is bringing resistence to change? Is it fear or doubt, insecurity or worry, shame or guilt?


Then the release. What is keeping us stuck. Letting go of the things that are not serving us well - the draining thoughts, feelings, energies and even physical things.


And then inviting in so much possibility, growth, daily habits to help us feel our best. All to experience more love, openness, opportunity, power and expand our curiosity with an open heart.


Is it possible that your waves can carry you to a new, better place than where you are currently?


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