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Say yes to helping yourself

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2021

What can you release the weight of today?

What can you let go of today that is not serving you any longer?

Every emotion that you feel is connected to a breath pattern.
Shallow and irregular breathing?  That's anxiety.
Slow and deep breathing?  You are relaxed.

When you begin to practice shifting the way you breathe, you can begin shifting the way you feel at any given moment.


There are also places within the body where you hold onto the emotions that you experience. Every emotion that you feel is stored in your body unless you intentionally release it. 


And you release those emotions through sound, movement, and/or breath.

One of my favorite ways to process and release emotions is by placing my hand on my body where I am feeling the emotion.  So, if the anxiety is in my chest, I put my hand over my heart, set my intention to release what I am feeling, and feel it leave my body. Go ahead, try it out.

Where are you feeling tension?
Where do you want to experience a release?

Place your hand over the part of your body that is feeling it the most and intentionally breathe into that space with the intention of breathing out the energy that is not serving you.

Healing the emotions of the past and processing the emotions of today is part of the grief journey. And life journey.

That’s why breath-work and movement are an important healing modality inside the 4:13 Method grief support online program. Curious? Give it a try!


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