Hello, I'm Lisa -

I am incredibly sorry for your loss, the reason you are here, and the pain you are experiencing - a pain only a bereaved parent can fully understand.

As a bereaved mom, I am traveling on my own personal grief journey of rediscovery after the death of my daughter, Ari.  I know firsthand the possibility of transforming pain to purpose and intentionally choosing better, despite the worst. This is possible for you, too.

I hate the reason that you are here, but I am so glad you found your way to this community.

I was once told that I could let my daughter's death either make me bitter or I could let it make me better...

It is through the experience of navigating life's greatest challenge that my heart is continually called to help other bereaved parents walking a similar journey.  To find hope, healing, and happiness by choosing the next better, one step at a time. I offer compassion, empathy, and a safe, yet productive space to use your pain and fuel it for your purpose. I am so honored to be trusted to help you make shifts in your life to rediscover and reconstruct yourself.  Your child's story lives on in you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share strategies, ideas, and resources to help you shift from surviving to thriving.


Behind my mission, my 'why' -- my daughter, Ari Harper -- 'lion of God'.

As I think of her 9 hours and 51 minutes of life here, I am reminded of many things.  Our lives are precious, each one a treasure. Every single day is a gift.  Even in the midst of grief, I am the one assigned the beautiful role of making it count, of using my time and talents here to make an impact -- to love, to live a life I can he proud of while honoring my daughter.  I hope her ferocious roar comes through in my work and resounds within your heart to help you realize what you are capable of after loss.

That pain -- use it.

It is not going away, yet you do not need to let it stunt your growth, but rather ignite a fire within you to CHOOSE every single day to do better, be better, and live better.

You have a very special place in my heart.  And because of Ari, I hold this space for you to grieve, breathe, and believe in the possibility of living the best life, even after loss.  Do not wait.  Honor their life by honoring yours.

We are all very proud parents of our children.  Let their lives be our greatest teachers.

Be brave. Be courageous.
Live boldly, love ferociously.

I think that would be what all of our kiddos would wish for us, always!


It is my mission to support bereaved parents who feel lost and overwhelmed navigate their grief journey, finding forward movement through grief education, holistic wellness, community & connection. 




What would working with a grief coach look like for you? Find out here.

Grief coaching is not therapy or counseling, it is companioning you on your journey in present-thinking yet seeing the possibility in your future.

I work with bereaved parents who are ready to find forward movement, rediscovering and reconstructing a life of meaning, purpose, and possibility, carrying the memory of their child with them every step.

I support bereaved parents in rebuilding life after loss, integrating grief into daily life, and to see it as a connection to their child; grief can be a friend, not a foe.

I encourage bereaved parents to explore their loss and its’ effect on their life in a safe, yet productive environment, to identity obstacles standing in the way of their goals and troubleshoot ways to help them work through these challenges.

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