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I was once told that I could let my daughter's death either make me bitter or I could let it make me better...

Hello, I am Lisa Price, a bereaved mom traveling on my own personal grief journey of rediscovery after the death of my daughter, Ari. 
I know first hand the possibility of transforming pain to purpose, choosing better, despite the worst.  
It is my mission to support bereaved parents who feel lost and overwhelmed navigate their grief journey, finding forward MOVE:ment through grief education, holistic wellness, community & connection. 
I CHOSE BETTER... and this is possible for you, too!


After experiencing the traumatic death of her own infant daughter Ari in 2017, Lisa herself became a bereaved mom.   The journey of reconstructing her life though rediscovering herself to find purpose began.  Knowing her daughter's story was far from over, her heart was called to help bereaved parents who feel lost, stuck, and overwhelmed navigate their grief journey to find hope, healing, and happiness -- choosing better, one step at a time.

Lisa offers her community a better understanding of grief through the content she provides and the coaching of overall wellness --mind, body, and spirit.  She encourages continuing bonds, carrying the memory of their child(ren) as they find themselves again in life after loss.  She helps build their confidence as they rediscover and reconstruct themselves without apology and to release what is not serving them.  Leaning into their grief and allowing it to be their teacher, they find a way to use their pain as fuel to live a passion-filled and purposeful life.
For those looking for support beyond talk therapy, Lisa uses other outlets to process grief.  With her 30+ years of dance training and teaching, she incorporates expressive movement along with daily dedicated self care; physical fitness, nutrition, journaling, meditation and mindfulness, in an easy to follow online course, the 4:13 MOVE:ment Method.  She believes taking care of your body, mind, and soul is essential in finding growth in grief, choosing the next better step one at a time.

Renewed hope awaits

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