Supporting you as you grieve and LIVE

You didn't ask for this pain. But it is yours. Grieve your way as you honor your child by honoring your own life.


Dear BeReAVEd soul,

You are here. And my heart breaks that you know this incredible pain.  Honor the courage you cultivated just to be here, searching through the devastation to explore ways to help you on your journey of rediscovery after the death of your child.

Grief exists because love first did.

And it is what we are left with after the death of our child. There is no timeline. No set stages or 'fix'.   

But that does not mean there is no hope.

I see you. I hear you. I am you.

And my heart is with you.


After the death of my daughter, Ari, I found there to be a lack of consistent, constructive, and continuous resources to help me find a way to LIVE after loss.

By prioritizing my way of grieving and healing, focusing on overall health & wellness, and putting in the 'grief work', I began to honor my life, a promise I made to my daughter.

It then became my mission to support other grieving parents looking to find their own way live as they navigate grief, but just don't know where to begin.


Welcome to the 4:13 Method Support Program for Grieving Parents


As a wellness coach for grieving parents, I help you build your grief toolkit -- MIND, BODY, & SOUL

  • Join a safe, yet productive community of support
  • Learn how to change your perspective of your grief 
  • Gain confidence in your grief journey with tools to help you navigate more mindfully
  • Take the time to prioritize your needs and your self-care
  • Honor your child by honoring your life

You have the ability to heal, but it is a choice only you can make. And I am here to hold your hand as you work through the vast layers of grief, and find forward movement to honor your life.


Take a listen to this beautiful 4:13 Method Member

Meet Jenn, bereaved mother to Nolan


Join in the healing and gain confidence on your grief journey in a community that understands!


The 4:13 Method is for you if you want to:

✔︎  Learn more about grief so you can navigate it more mindfully

✔︎  Gain self-awareness and prioritize your healing by taking care of yourself -- mind, body, and soul

✔︎  Lean into your pain and work through the hard stuff in a community that understands you and just how hard it can be

✔︎  Continue growing a deeper connection with your child, honoring their life by honoring your own

✔︎  Fully living your life after child loss with meaning, transforming your pain and finding purpose

✔︎  Create healthy and sustainable outlets to release your grief


Give yourself permission to...

Grieve. Breathe. Believe.

You are so incredibly worthy!




Guidance and instruction in best practices, focusing on self-care as self-preservation, and overall wellness to discover healing from within through guided videos and simple worksheets.

CONTENT (clinically reviewed/approved)

Empower yourself with a knowledge and understanding of grief and helpful tools to support you and grow your confidence as you reconstruct life after loss.


Private community off social media for 4:13 Method members and access to 24/7 support, promoting engagement and creating a loving, yet constructive culture.


Create a continued connection and deeper bond with your child through rituals and daily routines, normalizing and validating the impact they continue to have on your life.

"Being a part of the 4:13 Method experience encourages you to dive deep into your emotions to understand the complexity of grief, and channel your journey into something positive to find forward movement."

Katie - Bereaved Mother to Adalyn


The 4:13 Method is a self-guided, self-paced online program within a community of support




❤ Unlimited Access to Online Contents - 13 Individual Modules on Key Grief Concepts and Helpful Tools

❤ Corresponding Digital Workbook (Print Copy Available)

❤ Private Facebook Group

❤ Private Account for 4:13 Method Members Only - Community Engagement with those that "get" you

❤ Videos of Guided Yoga, High-Intensity Interval Training, Morning/ Evening Stretching Routine, Expressive Movement, and MORE!

❤ Guided Breath Work & Meditations

❤ Invitation to Various Online Healing Modalities & Topic Discussions

Join today!

"This is a must for any bereaved parent hoping to find healing and peace on their grief journey"

Priscilla - Bereaved Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

This program guides you to use this pain as a catalyst to rediscover and reconstruct a life of meaning, seeing grief as a connection to your child, and carrying their memory with you.

4 Pillars of Focus for 13 Weeks:

  • Content - 13 video modules plus a corresponding workbook to disempower the overwhelm of grief and empower yourself as you actively participate in your healing (clinically approved)
  • Coaching - Easy to follow videos, including stretching routines, yoga, cardio workouts, expressive movement, plus guided meditations/breathwork, and a variety of healing modalities to build your overall wellness toolkit
  • Community - Private Facebook group and community for course members to create a safe, yet productive environment, engaging with fellow grieving parents to celebrate #griefwins, share your story, and connect
  • Connection - Normalize and encourage continuing bonds and a new relationship with your child, incorporating them into daily rituals as you continue to heal

Give yourself permission to create your best life, honoring your child by honoring your own life - MIND, BODY, and SOUL, and finding forward movement while carrying the memory of your child. 

  • Immediate access to online support, digital contents (includes 80+ page digital resource workbook), and community
  • Videos of guided movement featuring yoga, stretching, high-intensity interval training, expressive movement, and more!
  • Guided breathwork and meditation sessions
  • Journaling prompts and 7-day starter journal 
  • Accountability in private community hosted on (optional group coaching or 1:1 support calls)
  • Unlimited 24/7 support in a private Facebook group
  • Bonus LIVE guest coaching calls featuring Grieve. Breathe. Believe. extended team members specializing in grief yoga, nutrition, therapeutic art, grief journaling, therapy, and MORE!

Healing Hearts -- 4:13 Method Members' Experiences

Looking for a way to support a bereaved parent?

Give the greatest gift of support by purchasing the 4:13 Method digital course & workbook for a grieving parent

"Lisa was a light for me in the darkest moment of my life and I am forever grateful. I just want others to have a valuable resource like yourself."

Katie T.
4:13 Method Member and Scholarship Supporter

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