The grief journey is not meant to be traveled alone -- join us in the 2nd Annual BeReAVEd Mother's Day Virtual Conference -- SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2021!

Grieving the death of a child...

I am deeply sorry that you are hurting, that you know the depth of this pain, a pain only a grieving parent can fully understand. I see you ... I hear you... I am you.


If you would like to connect deeper, schedule some time with me here! It is an honor to help you build your confidence in navigating your grief journey.


Grief exists because love first did. 

Nurturing and embracing your grief helps foster a deeper and continuing connection to your child.  Honoring your life honors their life. Give yourself permission to

grieve. BReAthe. belieVE.


I am a bereaved mom and grief wellness coach.  It is a gift to honor and share my daughter's life in the work that I do.

I encourage you to hold onto hope, to seek the beauty that is still possible for you as you navigate life after loss.

You are not alone.  Your grief is welcome and your child is remembered as you find renewed strength and purpose. 

I invite you to honor your life which honors your child. It is an absolute privilege to hold space for you here.

"Thank you for my renewed hope! The 4:13 Method online grief program has been personally life changing! It is teaching me to keep going and move forward with the tragic loss of our son."

- Lynda B. -
4:13 Method Member

"You truly believe in what you do. You are a healer. You helped me release a lot of heartache and self hate. You have found an amazing way to incorporate your energy and passion into healing others. "

- Michelle P. -
Live Workshop Attendee

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Supporting a Grieving Parent?

As a supporter, you can gain a better understanding of the journey your friend or family member is traveling after the death of their child and how to best offer your support to them on this journey.


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