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Better or Bitter...

You get to choose.


I was once told that I could let my daughter's death either make me bitter or I could let it make me better...

Hi, I am Lisa Price and as a bereaved mom I am traveling on my own personal grief journey of rediscovery after the death of my daughter, Ari.  I know first hand the possibility of transforming pain to purpose, choosing better, despite the worst. 
It is my mission to support bereaved parents who feel lost and overwhelmed navigate their grief journey, finding forward MOVE:ment through grief education, holistic wellness, community & connection. 
And it just might be time for you, too. 
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Feeling lost on your grief journey? What if I told you finding your way is possible... 

  • Disempower the overwhelm of grief
  • Find forward MOVE:ment on your grief journey
  • Carry and continue to bond with your child
  • Grow alongside a community who gets you

Bereaved Mother's Day Brunch & Conference

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2020


A very special event celebrating and empowering bereaved moms hosted by Better Not Bitter Mom LLC. 

Meditation - Brunch - Guest Speakers - 4:13 MOVE:ment Method Panel Q&A - Sound Bath - Breakout Sessions - Snacks - Giveaways AND MORE!!!

Spend a beautiful day connecting and learning how to equip yourself and others to receive the best support as you navigate your grief journey after loss!




"You truly believe in what you do. You are a healer. You helped me release a lot of heartache and self hate. You have found an amazing way to incorporate your energy and passion into healing others. "

- Michelle P. -



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