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Better Not Bitter...

You get to choose.


Experiencing the death of a child is unimaginable, yet this is now the painful reality of a bereaved parent...

If you are a bereaved parent, first let me say, my heart aches for you and I am so sorry for your loss, and the pain you are experiencing -- a pain only a bereaved parents knows and understands. 
Grief is the natural response to loss of any kind, yet child loss is so often a dark and isolating journey. No one knows what to say or do.
You are hurt, angry, confused, see no sense of purpose or hope, and feel invisible.

I see you.  I am you.

After the death of my daughter, Ari, in 2017, I was a mess.  
I ignored my emotional needs. I thought it would just be easier to push them down and say "I'm fine."
But, I wasn't.  Eventually I became aware of what my grief was asking of me... slow down, listen, let it be my teacher, and connection to my daughter.  
Making small shifts to create space for love, opportunity, and growth even after loss.
Finding avenues and outlets in general health and wellness, we can release the emotions not serving us well.  Fill that space with emotions of value for you, for your, family, for your growth.
My heart extends out to helping other parents walking a similar path.
You see, those of us who are grieving have the ability to expand our capacity for compassion exponentially. We've been there, we've climbed out of the trenches, we can sympathize with others who are hurting.  This is the community here.
No matter the difference in circumstance. We can be supported in the midst of supporting someone else. We can be there and stand with someone in their worst moment because we have been there, too.
We have the power to choose. And if one day we feel we are not on the path we need to be, we can decide to choose differently.
I can look back now and see that the pain and challenge, no matter how brutal, all connect to love.  
It is my mission to support bereaved parents as they navigate their grief journey to help find renewed strength, purpose and possibility.
Even when it seems impossible, remember... maybe right now it feels that way, but stay open to seeing that change.
Better or bitter... you get to choose.
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Bereaved Mother's Day Brunch & Conference

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2020

A very special event celebrating and empowering bereaved moms hosted by Better Not Bitter Mom LLC. 

Meditation - Brunch - Guest Speakers - 4:13 MOVE:ment Method Panel Q&A - Sound Bath - Breakout Sessions - Snacks - Giveaways AND MORE!!!

Spend a beautiful day connecting and learning how to equip yourself and others to receive the best support as you navigate your grief journey after loss!

*A portion of all ticket sales directly benefit the Bereavement Fund of Children's Hospital WI




"You truly believe in what you do. You are a healer. You helped me release a lot of heartache and self hate. You have found an amazing way to incorporate your energy and passion into healing others. "

- Michelle P. -



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